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For over two decades, Peiffer Custom Homes has passionately realized clients' dreams through quality craftmanship in Central Texas. With boundless creativity, we transcend borders, crafting uniquely customized homes that reflect individuality, from Modern Masterpieces to Tuscan Villas. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond construction; we prioritize trust, fostering transparent relationships where clients are informed every step of the way. Led by Greg Peiffer, our founder, we infuse every aspect of the home-building process with a dedication to integrity and innovation. Beyond delivering exceptional homes, we build enduring connections with homeowners, ensuring their satisfaction long after the project's completion.

Why Should I Consider a Custom Home Builder?


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    Your home was made just for you, and nobody else

    There is nothing better than knowing that your needs, and your family’s desires, were at the center of every choice made in your home. You will have every opportunity to express yourself, your style and your individuality. Guided by years of experience and many fulfilled clients, Peiffer Custom Homes can walk you through each step of the fun and exciting process.

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    Designed for your lifestyle

    Do you like open spaces and space to entertain? Or cozy rooms with sunlit views? Your custom home with Peiffer Custom Homes is a blank canvas for your family and all the memories you’ll make.

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    Built for today and tomorrow

    We don’t build homes without you, we build them with you. When you purchase an existing home, it probably isn’t designed for what you need now and what you’ll want later. Whether you need flexible space for a growing family or more room for entertaining, we’ll design a house that meets your needs today and tomorrow.

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    Built around your budget

    We promise our homes are the most affordable in custom home building. When you buy an existing home you could be paying for features or space that you may not want or need. When you build custom, you have the freedom to choose where you invest your dollars. At Peiffer Custom Homes we believe in transparent pricing. No hidden costs, no unwelcomed surprises—you have total control of your investment.

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    Live Efficiently

    Unlike existing homes that require costly maintenance, Peiffer Custom Homes are built with energy efficiency and your family’s comfort in mind. Existing homes can cost more to maintain and run—especially if you’re forced to buy more space than you need. Quality custom construction from PCH means lower utility bills. We partner with you throughout the design process to help you identify your needs, so your home has everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

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There are many benefits to using Peiffer Custom Homes as your home builder. You have the freedom to design and create a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and meets all of your specific needs. We work with you to ensure that every aspect of your home, from the layout to the finishes, is exactly what you want. You have control over the quality of the materials and workmanship used in your home, ensuring that you get the best possible product. Building a custom home with us allows you to choose a location that suits your preferences, whether that be a quiet suburban area, acreage, or the bustling city. Peiffer Custom Homes can build your dream home that is tailored to your every desire.

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Remodeling your home is a great way to update and alter your existing space to better suit your family’s wants and needs. At Peiffer Custom Homes we make the process streamlined and transparent. We have no hidden costs, will provide an accurate timeline for completion and give you a professional guaranty on our work. Contact us today and we can “think, design and build together.”



Our reputation as a dependable and trustworthy construction partner, capable of delivering even the most intricate projects on time and within budget, remains strong to this day. Regardless of the project's size, we maintain a remarkable level of attention to detail and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We moved to Georgetown in the summer of 2012 and began looking for a home approximately 6 months beforehand. We were relatively underwhelmed by most of the previously owned homes in Georgetown that were within our price range, so at the suggestion of Rina Peiffer we began looking in to new construction homes. One of the (but not the) first homes we saw was a Peiffer Custom (model) Home, and we were immediately impressed by the attention to detail and the finer craftsmanship than we had previous experienced in the area with several builders. From the moulding to the lights to the bathroom fixtures, it was apparent that PCH’s primary objective was quality home-building rather than fabricating every day, run of the mill cookie cutter homes. But alas, there are testimonials, and there are Testimonials–this being the latter. One could elaborate for pages on the finer works of PCH, the superior materials, the genuine concern and pride in a fantastic product, but that would not really capture what PCH is entirely about–and what makes them truly a class act.
Brandon and Emilee
Home Owner


Peiffer Custom Homes believes that trust is essential for a successful project, establishing and maintaining relationships built on trust and respect with all parties involved. The company is committed to transparency and keeping clients informed throughout the entire building process. Peiffer Custom Homes promises open communication, honesty, and the use of the latest building materials and technology to ensure high industry standards. Greg Peiffer, the founder, has a passion for helping others, which he brings to the home-building process, and he maintains a strong relationship with homeowners even after the project's completion.